Random Bots (View All)
DinoHost™ A new bot maded for fun. Make your server like an boss.
bot.js Polish opensource multifunctional bot in discord.js library.
ExoBot A bot that offers a wild variety of commands that target a lot of tasks.
Morex Morex is the ultimate discord bot that has moderation and fun commands!!
Ocean This discord bot has moderation, ticket general, and lots of fun commands
EdgyBot A multipurpose bot with a great variety of commands ranging from fun to well.. not as fun
Ear Tensifier Ear Tensifier is an easy to use, simple music bot. Play, loop, pause, resume, skip, loudify, and bassboost songs.
Dank Memer Dank Memer is the best meme bot on discord. No questions asked.
DreamBot Türkçe Discord Botu
BoogieBOT BoogieBot is a advanced bot with many cool functions.
ButtBot Enhance your sexual experiences with Hentai!
Restarter v2 Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.
KawaiiBot KawaiiBot is a cute girl that aims to make your server more fun to be on!
Lavender Lavender is a fun, customizable Discord bot developed by Knox, Corp. It includes everything you'd need from moderation tools to fun little gadgets tha
MasterBot High Quality Music Bot, Leveling, Social, Fun, Administration, Soundboard and always Online 24/7
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