All Bots
OcelotBOT Hundreds of commands: memes, tools and games such as trivia, Google Image search and meme generators.
Funo Funo: A multipurpose bot for your Discord server!
Watora 100% Free Commands. Volume, BassBoost, Equalizer, Spotify, YouTube, Monstercat, Create Your Own Commands and much more!
DuncteBot A chat bot with mod and music commands (plays from spotify)
GlobalBans A bot for protecting your server against rulebreakers.
Dank Memer Dank Memer is the best meme bot on discord. No questions asked.
cat cat, a bot for music, moderation, and games
KawaiiBot KawaiiBot is a cute girl that aims to make your server more fun to be on!
Valk A multi functional bot that fits your needs.
Groovy - Beta Groovy is a feature-rich and experienced music-bot for Discord.
Vertbot Vertbot, the music bot without the dumb limits.
JukeBot Fast, high quality and stable audio playback, with extensive coverage of popular streaming sources such as YouTube, SoundCloud, Spotify etc
AltDentifier Protection against spambots and alt accounts.
BoobBot™ Pictures of nature. 🍑
Spotify Connect spotify shit aye
Starboat Share your favorite messages, images or memes to other users to earn stars and claim rank #1.
Pikacord Pikachu the pokemon.anime, manga , Bump, Pokédex,Pokémon , Fun, utility, Gambling, moderation, memes,bakchodi!
Azrael Türkçe discord.js-commando botu Azrael!
Minecraft A Minecraft bot packed with features for players and server owners. Skins/Name history/Account verification and remote console access.
Parallax Parallax offers comprehensive moderation tools for your server!
GoatBot A multipurpose bot for anything you want.
RickBot Custom soundboards, lots of memes and pics, has powerful music (with servers around the world). Over 70+ commands and 3500+ soundboards!
Arcane Advanced leveling, easy to use moderation commands, simple to create custom commands, and soon to be music
Aeiou Aeiou is a Discord bot that allows you to use the same TTS that Moonbase Alpha uses in Discord!
NitroBot A meme to prove Discord wrong, bots can tell if a user has Nitro. It does work if you fancy trying it out.
Rixa Rixa is a user-friendly, multi-purpose bot
Danbot a multi purpose bot. Many different commands! Music, Moderation + Tons more!
MusicalBot A simple to operate musical streaming bot!
Quote Feature-rich, easy to use message quoting tool that you'll ever need.
Hangman Play Hangman in Discord with Singleplayer, Mutiplayer and DM support including random words from an API and custom server categories.
Power Glove Another random stuff bot, it draws molecular structures, it creates memes and you can talk to it.
DiscordTel DiscordTel is a realistic telephone bot that lets you call other servers!
SafetyAtLast™ SafetyAtLast is a unique moderation bot focused around malware prevention, user safety, and more
Voicr A bot that can give you a role when you enter a specific voice channel. (giving the opportunity to link it with a text channel)
Waifu Who needs a girlfriend when you have a waifu? :3 100+ commands with paginated help and useful utilities, user stats and memes.
Aw Yiss A player-versus-player duck hunting bot.
ExoBot A bot that offers a wild variety of commands that target a lot of tasks.
Furry Bot A fun multi-purpose bot for (furry) Discord servers!
Musical Hey, invite Musical today, for this best music in town!
AdvaithBot A cool multipurpose bot with commands for fun, animals, searching, utility, text, info, moderation, urls, and emoji.
Aru Enhance your server and make it more fun! Add Aru, the personal angel that your server need!
DinoHost™ A new bot maded for fun. Make your server like an boss.
FallenTheTaco A bot that has moderation, music, and fun commands that you can use forever.
EdgyBot A multipurpose bot with a great variety of commands ranging from fun to well.. not as fun
Sana Anime stuff
InElonWeTrust SpaceX Discord bot - launches, notifications and a lot of fun stuff!
Switchblade The last bot you'll ever need. From the best music system we know of to powerful moderation commands, we've got you covered.
Ducky Gets you a random picture of a duck! Who wouldn't want that.
Vortex Music | Fun commands | 24/7 uptime
Martine the BOT Martine is a multifunction bot, that can play high quality music, do moderation things, have fun commands, send random images, and many many more !
Ear Tensifier Ear Tensifier is an easy to use, simple music bot. Play, loop, pause, resume, skip, loudify, and bassboost songs.
Tune Welcome to Tune, a new and upcoming discord music bot!
Nevrevr A "Never Have I Ever" bot with a voting system and over 500+ different questions in multiple categories. Now with language support!
MasterBot High Quality Music Bot, Leveling, Social, Fun, Administration, Soundboard and always Online 24/7
Anchor Advanced Moderation like Dyno, Leveling like MEE6, Approve suggestions, Delete Links, Welcome and Leave announcements, Auto Role and many more.
Sx4 A multipurpose bot made to make your discord experience easier yet fun.
Moosic A free and simple music bot trusted by over 1k servers
JetBot The JetBrains Community Discord Server - JetBot, the Python bot behind it
Paco el de la Bomba [English/Español] Memes, reddit, dados de rol / role dices, NSFW, traps... Check the commands/Consulta los comandos
Dice A general purpose utility bot, with an economy, video game stats, moderation tools, and lots of other features.
bot.js Polish opensource multifunctional bot in discord.js library.
Composer Play piano sounds directly in Discord
BoogieBOT BoogieBot is a advanced bot with many cool functions.
Melodyy The bot who loves to sing :)
LxiBot (Dev) A multifunctional discord bot, utility, moderation and fun! :D
ButtBot Enhance your sexual experiences with Hentai!
OMG bot OMG bot is on Beta , Because beta bot has orders that are now dark and soon they were different
DreamBot Türkçe Discord Botu
Highlight This bot aims to fill in for the missing features of the original highlight bot by Danny#0007.
Countr A counting bot that can manage a counting channel in your guild!
YouTube YouTube brings the best of to your Discord server, with video/playlist/channel information, trending and random videos, and more.
Musicify A Bot That Takes Music One Step Farther.
Ayuri A newest music bot with 24/7 uptime.
Ocean This discord bot has moderation, ticket general, and lots of fun commands
Asker Discord İçin Askeri Bot!
ATH tipbot With this bot You can tip Atheios, a gaming crypto currency traded on several exchanges. It provides a rain feature, stats, crypto market information
Lo-Fi Low Fidelity Radio bot that will play you some aesthetics beats.
Roleplayer I am the perfect Roleplay bot for DnD and RP servers. The profile system, marriage, dice, and emotes make this roleplaying bot fun to use! I have NSFW
Server Verification Easy-to-use multiple-choice server verification that fits for every server.
Restarter v2 Autoroles, custom role commands, vote channels, name cleaning, and many more utilities.
Clowning Clowning yeniden! | Web yönetim paneli | ayarlanmalı komutlar, siz istediniz biz ekledik!
Reputations The Finest Reputation Bot for your server.
Reaper A multipurpose bot to match all your needs with moderation, music, fun, game stats & much more!
RandyPI Discord mod/fun/music/nsfw bot together
Sentinel Sentinel is a discord bot developed by TheeDeer with the goal of providing the best moderation, customization, and tools for any and all discord s
Hasuki Hasuki is a bot with rich features such as Global chat, Currency, Fun and much more...
Nitrole Nitrole can give your users Nitro and Hypesquad roles, simply by having them click a link!
Devoxin Your code has too many dependencies
SolidBot Solidbot is Multi-Bot with 110+ commands, now is in BETA, allows to bump your server,play/download music,check fortnite stats and many more!
Morex Morex is the ultimate discord bot that has moderation and fun commands!!
Benny A fun growing bot that has many features such as moderation, fun commands, utility commands, and easy customisability.
Azuki The one multi-purpose bot you will actually want. From filters to giveaways to moderation, Azuki has everything you need
Suggestions A fully automated bot that allows people to create suggestions for your server!
Nydea » Nydea have more than ten commands modules, it have all in one. The bot that you look in your dreams, it's here.
Lavender Lavender is a fun, customizable Discord bot developed by Knox, Corp. It includes everything you'd need from moderation tools to fun little gadgets tha
Vinyl (beta) Vinyl is the fastest bot to begin playing a song - super fast!